Daily Prayer

Abandoning but not abandoned.


Genesis 3-5


Further up and Further in: Matthew 10:32-33, 16:13-28, 26:36-46, 26:69-75, John 21:15-19

Verse: John 21:19 – After saying this, he told him, “Follow me.” CSB

 Prayer: Jesus, after all the ways in which Peter betrayed, abandoned and failed you, these last words you speak to him are amazing to hear.  Even after all the ways in which he had abandoned you, you never abandoned him.  In fact, even after all the ways in which he had failed you, you still wanted to use him for the kingdom; you even touched my faith and life me by his writing and his teaching!  God, this inspires so much hope in me.  Your compassion and mercies are new for me each day. This day, Lord, forgive me as this day begins.  Cleanse me and create in me a new heart, O God.  Your calling to follow you is new this day too, Lord Jesus.  Help me to follow you as my Lord and God, today.  Wonder of wonders, you still call me to follow and you still desire to use me. Help me make the most of my moments today.  Amen.

A Name above all Names


Day 4: John 4:1-26, Genesis 10-11

Genesis 11:4 – Then they said, “Come… let us make a name for ourselves, lest we dispersed over the face of the whole earth.”

Lord God, your name is great.  It is a saving name.  It is a name of love and mercy and grace.  I can see that in the way you gently and directly deal with the Samaritan woman.  I can see your love and mercy in the way that you intervene in the plans of those building the tower.  If they had succeeded in building this tower, they might have been lost to your kingdom forever.  Happy with their own name instead of yours!  I see their arrogance in me too often.  I see in the deepest motivations for my plans and my working that my name is the one I am most concerned about.  I want to be noticed, to be successful, to be great, to be liked.  And to what end?  That my name would be great.  Forgive me for hallowing my own name instead of yours.  Forgive me for seeking my will instead of yours.  O God, I thank you that often times you put stumbling blocks in front of my plans.  I thank you that you even let my plans fail.  All with one purpose in my heart and life.  All with one purpose in the hearts and lives of all people, including – that we all might know your great name and be saved.  There is but one name given to men by which we must be saved and that name is yours, Jesus.  I pray.  Keep me humble.  Keep me faithful.  Move me to live for you and for you alone.  It is the freest and the best way to live.  Amen.

Less of me. More of him.

Day 3: John 3, Genesis 6-9

Less me.  More Jesus.

John 3:29b-30 – There this joy of mine is complete.  He must increase, but I must decrease.

Lord Jesus, there was not an ounce of territorialism in John.  Everyone else was so concerned that more people were following you instead of him, but John wasn’t concerned.  He was happy, even full of joy, to be your friend.  He was joyful that you had come. I see my problem.  I see why I often miss out on the joy that John had.  I am territorial.  I like my little kingdoms – my house, my projects, my kingdom.  I see all these things as “mine” and not yours.  I take failures personally.  I take rejection of my ideas as a personal attack on my baby.  Forgive me.  I must decrease! It is for me that you have come.  It is for me that you have come to be lifted up on a cross so that I might live.  It is for me that you have given your life so that I might look to you and not die.  It is for me and my salvation.  I am your friend.  Grant me the same complete joy that John had, a joy that is just happy to be your friend, a friend of the bridegroom.  Fill me with joy to be your servant, always decreasing so that you might always increase in the eyes of those I serve.  Amen.

Pray, Christian, Pray


Day 2: John 2, Genesis 4-5

Genesis 4:26 – At that time people began to call on the name of the Lord.

Lord God, what astounding invitations you make to us when it comes to prayer.  What gracious promises you hold you hold out to us about our prayer.  You invite us to call to you in every trouble, to pray, to praise and to give thanks.  You promise to hear us and to answer us in just the right way at just the right time.  You give us gracious access to your fatherly ear.  But what do I do?  Prayer is an afterthought instead of my first thought.  I run to all kinds of places first before running to you. I’m sorry, Lord.  I’m so foolish and stupid.  And even when I do pray, I get distracted during my prayer and devotion. My attention is drawn to many places.  Frankly God, forgive me for a lack of faith in prayer. I do not fully take you at your word hear.  I am so thankful, O Father, that you do not abandon me even when I turn away. Your Father’s heart is turned to me in mercy and grace.  Convince me by your Word and your Spirit that prayer is such a powerful gift from you that I do not live a single moment without it. Fill my life, my marriage, my family, my church with prayer that we are constantly at your feet all day long.  Teach us to pray, O Jesus.  Amen.

Lost and Found.

John 1:43 – The next day Jesus decided to go through Galilee.  He found Philip and said to him, “Follow me.”

Lord Jesus, thank you for seeking me out and fining me.  I would not have gone looking for you.  Even now, I get distracted like a cat chasing the bright light flashing on the floor.  I easily get lost and distracted.  But in your Word and through your agents, you continue to seek and find me as you found Philip and called him to follow.  You found me and made me a priest of the Most High God.  You called me from darkness to light.  You made me a child of the heavenly Father.  Your call to faith is astounding. And there is more.  You also make me an agent of grace.  You send me out to find others. You call other people to follow through me.  Help me to marvel at your call and to stand in awe of your grace.  Keep me faithful to my calling this year.  Amen.