A Name above all Names


Day 4: John 4:1-26, Genesis 10-11

Genesis 11:4 – Then they said, “Come… let us make a name for ourselves, lest we dispersed over the face of the whole earth.”

Lord God, your name is great.  It is a saving name.  It is a name of love and mercy and grace.  I can see that in the way you gently and directly deal with the Samaritan woman.  I can see your love and mercy in the way that you intervene in the plans of those building the tower.  If they had succeeded in building this tower, they might have been lost to your kingdom forever.  Happy with their own name instead of yours!  I see their arrogance in me too often.  I see in the deepest motivations for my plans and my working that my name is the one I am most concerned about.  I want to be noticed, to be successful, to be great, to be liked.  And to what end?  That my name would be great.  Forgive me for hallowing my own name instead of yours.  Forgive me for seeking my will instead of yours.  O God, I thank you that often times you put stumbling blocks in front of my plans.  I thank you that you even let my plans fail.  All with one purpose in my heart and life.  All with one purpose in the hearts and lives of all people, including – that we all might know your great name and be saved.  There is but one name given to men by which we must be saved and that name is yours, Jesus.  I pray.  Keep me humble.  Keep me faithful.  Move me to live for you and for you alone.  It is the freest and the best way to live.  Amen.