Less of me. More of him.

Day 3: John 3, Genesis 6-9

Less me.  More Jesus.

John 3:29b-30 – There this joy of mine is complete.  He must increase, but I must decrease.

Lord Jesus, there was not an ounce of territorialism in John.  Everyone else was so concerned that more people were following you instead of him, but John wasn’t concerned.  He was happy, even full of joy, to be your friend.  He was joyful that you had come. I see my problem.  I see why I often miss out on the joy that John had.  I am territorial.  I like my little kingdoms – my house, my projects, my kingdom.  I see all these things as “mine” and not yours.  I take failures personally.  I take rejection of my ideas as a personal attack on my baby.  Forgive me.  I must decrease! It is for me that you have come.  It is for me that you have come to be lifted up on a cross so that I might live.  It is for me that you have given your life so that I might look to you and not die.  It is for me and my salvation.  I am your friend.  Grant me the same complete joy that John had, a joy that is just happy to be your friend, a friend of the bridegroom.  Fill me with joy to be your servant, always decreasing so that you might always increase in the eyes of those I serve.  Amen.