Lost and Found.

John 1:43 – The next day Jesus decided to go through Galilee.  He found Philip and said to him, “Follow me.”

Lord Jesus, thank you for seeking me out and fining me.  I would not have gone looking for you.  Even now, I get distracted like a cat chasing the bright light flashing on the floor.  I easily get lost and distracted.  But in your Word and through your agents, you continue to seek and find me as you found Philip and called him to follow.  You found me and made me a priest of the Most High God.  You called me from darkness to light.  You made me a child of the heavenly Father.  Your call to faith is astounding. And there is more.  You also make me an agent of grace.  You send me out to find others. You call other people to follow through me.  Help me to marvel at your call and to stand in awe of your grace.  Keep me faithful to my calling this year.  Amen.