Thursday, February 7th


"When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven." - Nehemiah 1:4

Dear heavenly Father, as I read of how Nehemiah mourned before you in prayer for several days after he heard about how your old holy city lay in ruins, I marvel that all too often I and my generation avoid true spiritual mourning at all costs.  We are addicted to fun.  And we keep ourselves from properly grieving the real tragedies of the world around us. Help me Father, to have the same heart Jesus had and let myself take time to grieve over "Jerusalem."  Help me not to grieve over myself but for the needs of others that are not being met.  And when I grieve help me find peace in knowing that you are working it all out so that in the end I will see it all fixed in heaven. I love you Father and I know you love me.  That will always be my peace even when I grieve. AMEN

"The pure in heart see reality and still do not lose hope, because God stands next to them beholding the same mess while promising to restore all things."