Wednesday, February 6th


“Brothers, if someone you know is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently." - Galatians 6:1

 Lord, help me to always remember that if someone I know is caught in a sin, that person still feels and hurts like everyone else.  Help me to show the kindness and gentleness that you would show while I go boldly forward to show them the way back to you and your will.  Don't let me sit idly by while they fall into grievous problems either.  But get me going to speak the truth in love and to be as tenacious as Velcro as I fight for their soul. Help me to so value every person that I ache over their situation and hang in there with them.  And please put people like this in my life, - people who are loving, gentle and outspoken to me so that they keep me safe from sin and every evil and so save my soul eternally. AMEN

 "To have a friend who will patiently encourage you away from evil and back to God is to be rich forever."