Friday, February 8th


"The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made." - Psalm 145:17

Dear heavenly Father, it is so easy for me to criticize you in my spirit.  I sometimes think you are neglectful or cruel when I see the suffering of people and animals around me.  Then I see in your word that you loudly proclaim that you are righteous and loving to all you have made.  You have plans that are past my finding out.  Your disciplines for us creatures are good and yet at times they seem so unfair.  Then I consider how sinful I am and how I deserve to be abandoned all together.  Since you have not abandoned me but have run toward me in your Son, I will sit quietly and trust you.  I will trust that you are good to me and all others and will wait to learn the meaning of our sufferings when you choose to reveal them to me either in this life or the next.  AMEN

 The goodness of God needs no explanation.  He turns all things for our benefit, whether we see it now or later in not important.