Sunday, September 30th

bride of christ hosea2_19-20.jpg

"I will marry you in faithfulness.  Then you will know the Lord." - Hosea 2:20

 Dear Lord Jesus, in divine love you married yourself to me knowing full well my wayward trends.  You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into and you married me anyway.  I am too often surprised by the weakness of those I chose to love.  I struggle with a conditional heart.  Oh, take away the taker in me.  Make me a giver like you and I will help you change the world by your gospel love.  In your name, I forgive everyone who has ever let me down and I chose to love them again with a heart charged with your unconditional grace and mercy.  Amen

 "We cannot receive love from God without being led to give love like God.  His love never lies dormant in the soul."