Saturday, September 29th


“Love always protects." - 1 Corinthians 13:7

Dear Lord, I remember my father and mother protecting me against troubling influences that they saw creeping up around me when I was in my teens.  They intervened and challenged me to walk with you and them in the right way.  I understand more clearly today how much energy and effort it cost them.  It is not easy to protect other people.  It is hard and sometimes thankless work.  But it is the true way to live.  You say it simply, "Love protects."  You perfectly protected your disciples and you have perfectly protected me.  I take responsibility for venturing outside of that protection too often.  Give me the desire and the ability to effectively protect those whom you have given to me to love.  AMEN

 "God chose whom we would love by planting them in the garden next to us.  He will give us the strength to be their shade."