Wednesday, August 1st


Behold, the hour is coming and indeed has come when you will be scattered, each to his own home, yet I am not alone. For, the Father is with me. - John 16:32

Dear Jesus,

The lonely road I walk through life, no one who fully understands.  Being left alone with all my thoughts, feelings, and emotions is sometimes too much to bear. I know it was not originally meant to be this way but it is for every one of us. You experienced loneliness more than all of us when you were here. You felt aloneness but you told us that you were not alone.  The presence of your Father comforted you.  You understand my aloneness.  Don’t let it turn to loneliness.   You and my Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit see my every thought and understand me even better than I do myself. I find comfort in knowing you are with me close by on the journey and that you can touch my frustration of being alone. So, I pray, fill me with your presence and drive out loneliness from my life so that I reach past myself to bless others with friendship.


The fall into sin makes everyone lonely at times. Jesus makes everyone loved all the time.

Additional Reading: Psalm 139