Thursday, August 2nd


This is the day the LORD has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! - Psalm 118:24

Dear Heavenly Father,

Some of us are at the beginning of life with so many unanswered questions. Others are in the middle where we are so busy we forget things and miss important moments. Still others have only one question to answer; "Will this be my last day or will it come tomorrow?" But this one common denominator we all have together. We all have today as a gift of your grace. We all have your promise of an eternal tomorrow. We all have a past riddled with blessings to sort through when we are bored. We all have hope and peace and love in your Son. This is a day of good times and we will learn to be thankful in it.


Living in the moment as a thankful child of God is an act of faith.

Additional Reading: Psalm 37