Tuesday, July 31st


Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth. - John 17:17

Dear Jesus,

You said these words the night before you died in your prayer to your Father. They have been a light for my path ever since I discovered them.  The way that you teach my heart is by your word.  Everyone has their own opinion and frankly many of them sound very good although they are very wrong.  Your word gives me heaven's opinion of all things.  They have rung true in every circumstance even when what they say hurts me. They always bless me in the end.  Help me to digest your word deeply today and to apply it to the challenges Iā€™m facing so that I act out on earth what you desire from heaven.  Guide me in your truth.  


There is no worthy substitute for the truth regarding any matter on earth, from rocket science to personal relationships. 

Additional Reading: Psalm 25, Psalm 119