Into the Breach

STANDING in the GAP.jpg

Proverbs 16, Psalm 106

Psalm 106:23 – So he said he would destroy them – if Moses his chosen one had not stood in the breach to turn his wrath away.

Father, this is an amazing verse.  You were ready to wipe your people off the face of the earth.  You were so done with them.  But then Moses, sinful man of God that he was, stepped into the breach and dared to tell you that you couldn’t, yes, that you shouldn’t do this.  And wonder of wonders, you listened! I can’t help but think about Jesus when I read this verse.  Your fierce anger was aimed straight at my heart because of my unfaithfulness and sin.  You were so done with me! But then here comes Jesus to step into the breach, to step between your anger and me, so that I wouldn’t die!  He dared, yes, desired, to step into the breach to take your anger. He didn’t just ask you to stay your anger, not he took your anger and my punishment, so that I wouldn’t die! Help me to sing and dance all day long because of this marvelous truth.  Amen.