Satisfy Me.

Proverbs 14:1-19, Psalm 90-91

Psalm 90:14 - Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

Lord God, the days drag on and I seem to grow more and more weary with each passing day.  My body and my life is on a slow decline.  I do not feel as though the “golden years” are coming.  I feel like I missed the golden years; maybe they don’t even exist.  Each day I wake up and go to work.  I go about my business.  And by days’ end I am exhausted and worn out, down to the ones.  Each day has trouble of its own.  Sometimes I am the maker of the trouble.  Other times trouble comes to me. And at still other times I walk into that trouble.  I can’t escape it.  Lord God, I’m so tired and worn out by all this toil and trouble.  Lord God, satisfy me this morning with your unfailing and steadfast love.  There is nothing else that will do.  Food doesn’t fill the empty in my heart.  Work doesn’t satisfy even when I enjoy what I do.  Even relationships with other people let me down.  But you don’t!  Satisfy me this morning with your love that does not pass away or change.  I am slowly passing away. But you are not.  And your love for me is not.  It is not like the morning mist – here, then gone.  It is not like food on my plate – here, then gone.  It remains from day to day the same.  It is new each morning.  O Lord God, great is your faithfulness.  O Lord God, dear Father in heaven, great is your love for me.  Make me glad today not with circumstances, but with you and with your love.  Your grace and your love is enough for me.  Make me glad today to work for you and to serve you, even when it seems pointless, even when this day is full of toil and trouble.  Make me glad today to know you, to know your love and to be loved by you.  Amen.