Need to Get Away

Matthew 14, 2 Kings 8-9

Matthew 14:13 – He withdrew from there in a boat to a desolate place by himself.  But when the crowds heard it, they followed him on foot from the towns.

Lord Jesus, I have never felt the constant pressure of having people around me as you did.  Wherever you went, you were constantly “on.”  People were always asking you questions.  People were constantly asking for help.  You got texts, tweets, emails, direct messages, etc. all hours of the day and night.  The demands of my life are not nearly like yours, and yet I often feel myself growing dry and empty.  You needed time to unplug.  So do I.  I need time to recharge my soul, recharge my spirit, and refresh my strength.  Lord Jesus, give me this time as I wake up with you this morning.  Give me a moment or two – hopefully longer – to be with you in your Word and in prayer and meditation.  And during this time, Lord Jesus, refresh my soul and give rest to my spirit.  Fill me up with strength, hope and love.  Give me a moment or two – hopefully more than that – this day for my body to rest and recharge.  Lord Jesus, I am not enough to handle all the demands that are placed on me.  As I withdraw from the busyness of life this morning, recharge me with your might and your strength.  Grant me your strength this morning so that I am able to meet the demands of this day.  Amen.