At your Word.

Luke 5, Numbers 4

Luke 5:5 – And Simon answered, “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing!  But at your word I will let down the nets.”

Lord Jesus, I feel Peter’s frustration.  I work and I work and for what fruit?  For what fish? For what result?  Sometimes it all seems to be a spitting into the wind.  Lord Jesus, sometimes I just don’t want to do something because it doesn’t seem to be worth the effort or the work because it isn’t working.  But Lord Jesus, because you have said so and because you have commanded me, I will do it. You once spoke and the world came into being.  You once spoke and dead, dry bones came back to life.  Your word still carries with it great power.  It is the power of God for salvation.  Beyond all that, at your mighty fingertips all the power of God dwells.  There not one thing that you cannot do.  You can do it all.  Therefore, Lord Jesus, at your command, I will do it. You cannot fail.  Build up my heart and strengthen me to do the work you have called me to do, even when it seems fruitless.  Strengthen me with the sure hope that you will fail.  And when I work, help me to trust you that you will always do what you will, when you will, and how you will.  And that’s always good.  Amen.