Holy for the Lord.

Luke 6:1-16, Numbers 5-6

Numbers 6:8 – All the days of his separation, he is holy to the LORD.

O God, Father in heaven, you have set me apart for yourself from my mother’s womb.  You chose me and called me to faith.  You loved me and now have called me to serve you today and throughout my life.  You don’t ask me to take the extreme action of Numbers, but you do tell me that my whole life is not for me but for you.  You encourage me through Paul that all I do – whether it is eating or drinking, whatever I do – it’s all for you and your glory. You have set me apart for this that every moment of this day and every day might be for you and about you.  Keep me from seeking my own honor and glory, but yours alone.  Make it obvious that I belong to you.  Amen.