Temptation Answered.

Luke 4, Numbers 2-3

Luke 4:4 – And Jesus answered him, “It is written…”

Lord Jesus, your temptation is so clear and right in front of you to see. It’s easy for me to see your temptation and even the temptations that face other people.  But it is much harder for me to see the temptations that assault me.  Instead of the quick, “It is written,” it takes me time to recognize temptation for what it is.  Lord Jesus, I pray first of all help me to see temptation quickly and clearly for what it is.  Keep me from giving it the time of the day and for letting it occupy my heart and my thoughts for longer than a moment.  Help me to recognize it immediately and then to quickly dismiss it, yes, even to reject it with the clear words of Scripture.  Let this be my response.  Instead, of thinking it through from every angle, sometimes even rationalizing it – as Eve did in the garden – make my first response, “It is written.”  Fill me with your Spirit and your Word to resist and reject every temptation.  I also pray, Lord Jesus.  Be with my family and my friends today in their temptations. Make me a faithful friend to them in their temptation to help them identify temptation, to give them clear words from you in the right way and at the right time.  Temptation grabs us more easily when we are alone.  Use me to keep them from fighting temptation alone.  Use them to keep me from temptation alone.  Lord Jesus help me fight temptation and find a way out from under it and deliver us from the assults of the Evil One.  Amen.