Good to be loved

Romans 9, Isaiah 59-63

Isaiah 62:5 – For as a bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you.

Lord God, the images that come to mind as I read this verse are so encouraging and cause me great joy and excitement.  I remember the day I was married and the joy and excitement I felt as my bride walked down the aisle.  I remember the joy welling up in my heart.  I remember the delight I had in her in every single way.  This is the way that you describe your joy and delight over me.  You forgive all my flaws, all my failures, all my sins.  And when you see me, your heart skips a beat and a smile covers your face from ear to ear.  Joy.  Delight. Gladness.  These are words you use to describe how you feel about me!  That’s is astounding.  Especially since I know what goes on in my heart.  Especially since I know how I have failed to be who you want me to be.  Especially since I know how I have sinned against you.  But forgive my sins and clothes me with garments of splendor and put a crown of glory on my head and you take delight in me as a groom for his bride.  God, it is good to be loved by you. Amen.