I want you, and you, and you.

Romans 10, Isaiah 64-66

Romans 10:1 – Brothers, my hearts and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.

Lord God, you want all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.  You want them all.  You want the self-righteous and those who think they can save themselves.  You want the broken hearted who have tried to be righteous but have realized that they can’t. You want those of every color and creed in this world to turn to you and be saved.  And because so many are on their way to hell, your heart breaks in sadness.  I pray, Lord, break my heart with what breaks yours.  I’ll admit, dear Father, that I play a little bit of favoritism in the people that I love and care deeply about.  I don’t love all people equally as I ought.  Make my heart more and more like yours, dear God.  Make my heart break because of the self-righteous who proudly claims that they are good enough for you.  I tend to rail against them in my heart, rather than love them.  Break my heart for them in their blindness.  Make my heart break for the broken-hearted, who knows that they aren’t good enough for you but still think they have to be. Break my heart for them in their brokenness.  Make my heart break for those of every creed and color, even if they are my earthly enemies.  Lord God, I pray, defeat their plans on earth by turning their hearts toward you.  Lord God, I want every person on the face of this earth to know you and be saved.  Use me, this day, to reach as many as you would have me reach. Open my eyes to see what you see.  Break my heart with what breaks yours.  Make me just like you.  Amen.