True Love


2  John 1, Ezekiel 21-23

2 John 6 – And this is love, that we walk according to the commandments; this is the commandment, just as you have heard it from the beginning so that you should walk in it.

Lord God, you have made it very clear from the very beginning how I should be living and acting in relationships with you and with other people.  You make it very clear that you are to be my number one.  You are my only God.  Your name is precious to me and I love to rest in your promises.  You also speak clearly to me about how to love my neighbor; your commandments tell me exactly how.  This is where I learn what love is.  This is how I learn how to love my neighbors – all the people with whom I interact.  Lord Jesus, help me to remember your clear words in the commandments and let these guide me and instruct me.  Let your commands teach me how to love my neighbor, whomever that happens to be in any given moment.  Amen.