Work/Rest Rhythm


Proverbs 27, Psalm 123-128

Psalm 127:2 – It is vain that you rise early and go to bed late, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.

Lord Jesus, work is important.  There is the reality of sowing and reaping; unless I sow, there will be nothing to reap.  There is a reality that if I do not do the work assigned to me, then there will be no fruits of my labor.  Unless I train my children, they will grow up without knowing you.  Unless I tell people about Jesus, they will go about without knowing him.  There is certainly work to be done.  But there is no reason for me to be anxious about it.  There is not reason to get up extra early or stay up extra late as if the extra hours were to make me more successful.  There is no reason to stress about it.  Lord Jesus, help me to find the rhythm between work and rest, the rhythm you created when you created in six days and rested on the seventh.  Help me enjoy the rhythm between work and rest, the rhythm that you established when you created evening and morning the first day.  Help me work while it is day.  Help me to rest when it is night.  Most of all, give rest to my soul knowing that all the important stuff – my salvation – is kept in heaven already for me.  Give rest to my soul because you are shielding me with your power until your coming on the last day.  Lord Jesus, your rest is mine all day and all night.  Pour it out on me more and more so that I enjoy what is already mine.  Amen.