Servant Leadership

John 13, Genesis 48-50

John 13:15 – For I have given you an example, that you should do just as I have done for you.

Lord Jesus, make me a servant!  This is what you show me so clearly in these verses.  You have set an example of perfect servant leadership.  You show me that love always has heaven in view, that love humbles itself before anyone and everyone, even to wash feet.  You show me that true greatness lowers itself for the good and especially for the salvation of others.  Make me a servant like this, yes, a servant like you.  Forgive my selfishness and turn my eyes toward the good of others.  Forgive me for thinking about me and help me think about what is good for others.  Forgive me for considering certain tasks below me and help me lower myself to do all tasks.  I serve you in all things.  There is no higher honor that you would give my servant than this, that in serving the least of these I am serving you.  Amen.