Unconditional Trust

Proverbs 2:1-11; Psalm 10-14

Psalm 13:5 – But I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart will rejoice in your salvation.

Lord God, you are so steady and true.  You are constant and never moving.  Your love truly does endure forever.  But I don’t always like how things go in my life.  I have an issue often with you because of enemies, because of circumstances, because of the evil that I see around me in the world. I have trouble accepting what happens in my life, really, because my will and my way is getting crushed or hampered.  I don’t rejection or failure well.  I often even take it personally.  Lord God, make me more like David in this psalm and others.  Help me trust you unconditionally as he did.  When Absalom was trying to overthrow David’s thrown, he accepted your will in this.  He accepted your will in both good and evil.  Lord God, give me unconditional trust in your promises.  Help me to accept what comes from your hand in any and every situation.  Help me to rejoice in what you give, when you give it, and even how you give it.  Amen.

I trust you.  Give me or withhold from me whatever you choose.  What you will, when you will, how you will.  – John Newton.