John 8:48-59, Genesis 32-33

Genesis 32:26 – But Jacob said, “I will not let go unless you bless me.”

Lord God, help me to see what a privilege prayer is.  Help me to realize what power is in it.  Help me to know what a gift it is.  I often neglect it because of time constraints, because of the ever present pressure of the urgent.  It becomes tyrannical.  But I see the foolishness of that.  I’m your child and I have your ear.  I am your child and I have your help! You, Lord God, promise that my prayers are powerful and effective.  You promise that my prayers matter to you.  They aren’t empty words, but words of power spoken to the all-powerful will.  You promise me that whether your answer to me is yes or not, that you always do and give what is best.  Every time.  Teach me to pray more, to trust more, to wrestle with you more.  Make me tenacious in my prayer life like Jacob was that night.  And I know that you will bless me.  Amen.