Tuesday, April 10th


You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. - Isaiah 26:3

Dear Jesus, I want to be in perfect peace today.  So, pull my chin away from staring at the things that bug me.  And make me look squarely at your loving smile that promises that I am loved, forgiven, and that I have you turning what looks like a bad thing into a great thing for my life.  I trust you to use those people that I do not trust to make a blessing come to my life.  I know that you promise to make every event no matter how big or small, positive or negative, to be part of the grand story of redemption that you are working into my life.  Give me the perfect peace you promise, by helping me keep these truths in mind by your Holy Spirit.   AMEN

Jesus can be trusted with your entire life story, even if you must live it out with untrustworthy people.

Additional Reading: Psalm 127, Isaiah 9:2-7, 1 Chronicles 5:20, Romans 8:26-36