Monday, March 19th


By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.- Hebrews 11:8

Dear Jesus, you would not tell Abraham where he was going but you told him to leave his comfort zone and follow you. Not knowing what that meant for his family and him was exactly what you wanted.  You purposefully kept him in the dark.  For a long time, I have wondered why you do this to us. I think you don't tell us what is next in our lives so we will stay close to you with an open heart to who you are. You made us to live with you.  We tend to live by ourselves, especially when we think we know how things will go for us.  Even us Christians are often functional atheists.   You held Abraham close, as your friend, by keeping him in the dark. Hold me close to, dear Jesus.   I don't know what huge challenges and great opportunities wait for me. I can’t figure it out. But I can stay close to you. If you will stay close to me and fill me with the fruits of your Spirit, I will boldly step into an unknown tomorrow. I will go where you lead me. Take the wheel, Jesus.  Just don't ever kick me out of your car. AMEN

God keeps us from knowing what's next in order to keep us close to him now and in the 'what's next'! Having us close to him is why he made us in the first place.

Additional Readings: Genesis 12:1-9, Acts 7:1-8, Hebrews 11