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Monday’s Readings: James 2-3

1 Peter 2:15 – For it is God’s will that you silence the ignorance of foolish people by doing good. 

Lord God, people are watching me live my life. People are listening to what I say, who I say it about, and even how I say it. People are observing how I behave. They are watching everything I do, everything. They are watching the way I speak about our leaders and how I submit to them. They are watching how I serve and what I do in my service. Lord God, let my life be a powerful and a loud witness to the God I serve. Let my whole life be set apart for you Lord. Make my life a witness and a testimony to you, Lord. By my life, silence their accusations about “those” Christians. Let my life give people around me no reason for complain or accusation. I know they’re watching, Lord. Help me to show them how good and great you are. Amen.