Therefore...don't be conformed.


Job 29-32


Further up and further in: Romans 6-8, Romans 12:1-2

1 Peter 1:14 - As obedient children, do not be conformed to the desires of your former ignorance.

Lord God, as I live my life in this world it is so easy to get caught up in the way that the world lives.  It is so much easier to go with the stream than to swim against it.  The world says that sinful behaviors are acceptable and I quickly fall into thinking that they are.  My community says that sinful ways of thinking are normal and I start to think that way.  The world lures me and wants to press me into their way of thinking, their way of feeling, and their way of living.  My own sinful flesh wants to conform me and press me into it’s way of thinking.  Everything is against me.   It is so easy to sit back and not fight.  It is so easy to go with the flow.  Lord God, you redeemed me from this life. You called me to be yours. You made me to stand out in this world, simply because I am your child and your heir.  Help me to fight against all that would conform me.  Rather, Lord God, transform me daily to have your thoughts, your feelings, and to live your way.  Daily, Lord Jesus, transform me into your likeness.  Amen.