Therefore...set your hope.


God’s Word is always so practical.  It always hits home.  Sometimes, God’s Word and the truths of it hit home in our hearts and give us consolation and peace.  At other times, God’s Word and his truths hit home in our lives and guide our feet.  Either way, there are always conclusions to be drawn from the precious promises and enduring truths of God’s Word.  This week, Peter helps us draw some of these conclusions. 

Therefore… set your hope.

Job 25-28


Further up and Further in: Psalm 42, Psalm 62-63, Psalm 73

1 Peter 1:13 – Therefore, with your minds ready for action…set your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

O God, some days it feels like I’m reeling from things that have happened. Some days I feel like a boxer on the ropes who is just trying to get through.  I’m just taking hits.  I’m just trying to keep on keeping on.  But Lord God, you are big!  You are bigger than all the things that I face.  You are in charge of all the challenges that face me. It may seem that my life has been thrown up into the air, but God, you are holding all of the pieces together.  You are bigger than all of my problems. You are bigger than all of the things coming after me.  Lord God, help me to put you, your promises, your promises under the microscope.  Lord God, be magnified before my heart and mind so that I live my life overflowing with hope and confidence.  I am a boxer not on the ropes, but on the attack, living my life under your watchful care and loving gaze.  Amen.