We work; God produces.

1 Corinthians 3, 2 Chronicles 7-9

1 Corinthians 3:6 – I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.

Lord God, I always want credit for the work that I’ve done.  As a student I wanted to credit for the work I did.  As an employee I want the boss to notice and praise me for the work I did.  Even now, Lord God, I want to be noticed and I want to get credit for the work that I do.  And that may work and may matter in earthly things. It might matter at school.  It might matter at work.  But in your kingdom my work does not matter.  My work is not what gives me salvation.  No, God it is your work that gives me salvation.  It is your Son’s death that saves me. And in your kingdom’s growth, it is not my work that produces.  It is yours.  It is your work by your Spirit.  It is your work in the hearts of peoples lives.  You, O God, are the produces.  You are the one who makes it grow.  But God, this is not to say that my work doesn’t matter.  You give great honor to the work I do in your kingdom.  You take the words I share with people and you use them to produce living, breathing faith.  You take the water of baptism, poured out by people, and use them to give rebirth and renewal to people dead in sins.  You, O God, take the measly work of people like me and you produce salvation.  You, O God, take the feeble efforts of people like me and you grow your church.  So, God, send me out to work today. But, I pray, keep me from a concern for results.  Keep me from counting and keeping track.  Keep me from being concerned about how product of my work. Rather, let me find joy simply in doing your work and let you worry about the results and the production.  Set me free to work without worry about results.  There is no freer way to work!  Give it to me this day, dear Lord.  Amen.