God is Faithful.

Proverbs 15:25-33, Psalm 104-105

Psalm 105:8, 42-43 – He remembers his covenant, the promise he ordained for a thousand generations. … For he has remembered his holy promise to Abraham his servant.  He brought his people out with rejoicing, his chosen ones with shouts of joy.

Lord God, you are absolutely faithful.  You made a promise to Abraham. Centuries later, yes even millennia later, you kept that promise.  You knew the road that your people would walk and you guided them and guarded your promise until at just the right time you kept it, sending your Son, born of a virgin, to redeem us all.  It must have seemed strange to them, but now we look back with awe and wonder and see that you took the long view.  You followed through and kept your promise.  God, why would it be any different in my own life?  You have the big and the long view of all things in my life and in your kingdom.  And yet I shake.  Yet, I struggle.  Yet, I worry.  Yet I try to control.  Teach me to remember that you have everything figured out.  Remind me that you are faithfully at work in every generation and in my life for my good and for the growth of your kingdom.  You are always at work.  You have all this figured out.  Team me to trust your faithfulness, your work, and your ways.  Then, I will praise you because you are always true to what you have said and faithful to whom you have made and redeemed.  Amen.