Matthew 13:1-35, 2 Kings 3-4

Matthew 13:35 ā€“ This was to fulfill what was spoken by the prophets: I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter what has been hidden since the creation of the world.

Lord Jesus, Iā€™m so thankful that you have spoken otherwise I would know nothing and could be sure of nothing.  The things that you make known to me in the parables and throughout the rest of Scripture reveal things that I would never come up, nor would the wisest man.  Your way of saving the human race is so far outside the realm of my thought process that I would never even imagine it, much less think it a good plan.  The corruption of the human nature and the fullness infiltration of sin into the human world and experience likewise is far deeper than I would have ever known.  It is so much worse then I would guess just by looking at things.  Most of all, dear Father, I would never know about your true nature and your true charactertistics were it not made known through the Scriptures.  Your Word is such a gift to me and to all the world. Lord Jesus, I pray, continue to send your Spirit to me and on me that I might have a deeper and deeper yearning for your Word.  Help me never tire of the richness and the depth and the fullness of your precious word.  Make me always a student of your Word, seeking to mine the depths of it.  And then, make me an able teacher of your Word who brings out of your Word new things as well as old.  For me as well as for all those whom I teach, your Word is the thing that makes you, your nature, your will, and your salvation known.  Amen.