God's Anointed.

Acts 21:37 – 22:29, 2 Samuel 1-4

2 Samuel 1:14 – David said to him, “How is that you were not afraid to put our hand to destroy the LORD’s anointed?”

Lord God, David sets such a good example for me. He could have done a happy dance and celebrated at the news of Saul’s demise.  He could have rewarded the messenger. Instead he rebukes him for the message and for his part in the king’s death.  This was not a time for joy, but for lament.  Lord give me such a heart for my leaders in my city, in my state, and in my government.  Even when I disagree with them, even when some of their decisions are immoral and ungodly – as some of Saul’s actions were – you have put these men and women over me as authorities and, truthfully, as gifts from you for the preservation of my life and the good order of our country.  Without a stable government we wouldn’t be able to live the way that we do.  And yet, we have a fairly stable government. We are able to transact business and buy the food and goods that we need to live a thriving life.  We are able to live in relative peace and security. I don’t wake up in terror or sleep with one eye open just in case.  Such are some of the many gifts I have because of the government and the leaders that you have placed over me.  I pray, Lord God, also give my leaders wisdom.  Protect them.  And guide them so their decisions reflect your will in this world.  And when their actions are godless, turn all their actions for good and the salvation of souls. They are your leaders.  Help me to honor them in all that I do, say, and even pray, dear Lord.  Amen.