Leadership Needed.

Acts 10:23-48, Judges 18-19

Judges 18:1 – In those days there was no king in Israel.

Lord God, Israel was suffering from a lack of leadership.  For years they had served under the leadership of Moses and Joshua.  But now, who was their leader?  It was left to the fathers and husbands.  It was left to the priests and Levites.  It was left to the parents.  And they suffered because there was no spiritual leadership.  Lord God, your people still need leadership so that they remain faithful to you.  Raise up fathers and husbands in Christian families to be spiritual leaders for their wives and children.  Raise up pastors and elders in your church to be leaders for the sheep whom you have gathered there.  Raise up parents who will care first about the souls of their children so that God’s Word is a chief part of every conversation. Raise up Christians who will be leaders and examples in their community.  I cannot and do not expect, O Lord, that our political leaders will add anything to the lives of your people other than peace and freedom to live and practice our faith.  Give me and continue to provide for me spiritual leaders whom I can follow so that I remain faithful and so that I can become more and more of a spiritual leader.  Amen.