Acts 10:1-22, Judges 14-17

Judges 17:6 – In those days there was no king in Israel.  Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Lord God, help me to seek your way, your will, and the good of others in all that I do.  It’s easy and pleasing to me to walk down a way that is right in my own eyes.  That’s what was going on in Israel during this time period.  They were doing things that were good for them, but weren’t thinking about what was good for other people.  Help me, Lord, to consider how my decisions and actions affect other people so that all I do is done out of love.  They were doing things that were clearly contrary to the commands that you had laid down for your people to follow.  Help me, Lord, to submit all my desires, decisions, and actions to your clear will.  My decision and my actions cannot be sin; they cannot be selfish.  They must be obedience and love. Help me to follow the clear commands and your good guidance as I do what I do. In this way, I will be doing what is right in your eyes instead of in my own.  Amen.