Mighty Power

Acts 19, 1 Samuel 21-23

Acts 19:20 – So the word of God continued to increase and prevail mightily.

Lord God, I see your Word do some mighty things.  It spread like a wildfire through your church and wherever your church went.  We see people changed.  Magic and sorcery abandoned.  Demons cast out. Gentiles and Jews.  Your Word accomplished all this and grew in force because more and more people were hearing it and were then sharing it.  Your Word, O God, has not changed in its character or its power.  It is the same as it has always been.  It always has the same reaction.  It is either loved or hated, believed or rejected.  People are hardened by it or hardened to it.  Lord, keep from hardening myself to it and resisting the work of your Holy Spirit.  There are times when I don’t really want to receive in repentance and faith what your Word says.  Keep me from hardening myself to it.  Soften me by your Word to your Word that I might grow in your grace and power.  Then, Lord, also keep your Word right on the tip of my tongue.  Make it like a fire in my bones so that I simply do not want to hold it back.  Set me on fire to share your Word.  In this way, Lord, by changing me and by changing others through your mighty word, grow your church.  Send out your Word like a wildfire that more may hear and believe.  Amen.