Hill to Die On.

Acts 17, 1 Samuel 16-17

1 Samuel 17:26 – Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?

Lord God, this account of David and Goliath is such a familiar story.  It’s a story of how you gave a little shephard boy victory over a great giant.  What astounds me is the reason that David stepped forward.  He came forward not for fame, not for riches, not because he was personally offended, but because you, God, had been defied.  When I think about the hills on which I am willing to take my stand and the causes for which I am most willing to fight, my heart isn’t like his.  Even worse, my heart isn’t like yours.  I get angry and upset because I have been defied.  I push back because my name is being slandered.  I am bothered because I am not respected or heard.  I find myself fighting for me.  Forgive me, Lord.  A fight for my cause or name is sinful.  There is a name and a cause so much greater and larger for which to fight.  There is a hill so much higher to stand on.  That name and that Kingdom, O Jesus, is yours.  That cause, O God, is yours.  My work and my life – as I seek first your kingdom – is fighting against the gates of hell.  The real enemy isn’t the so-called “Goliath’s” in my life, but the forces of Satan.  The real offense is an offense against your name and your cause.  The real offense is when people are mocking your great name and when they attack your Kingdom, the kingdom of the living God.  Lord God, help me to direct all of my energies for your name, your kingdom, and your glory.  And, if there is a cuase to die for, let it be for your holy and saving name.  Amen.