Handle with Care.

Luke 20:1-26, Deuteronomy 19-22

Luke 20:21 – So they asked him, “Teacher, we know that you speak and teach rightly, and show no partiality, but truly teach the way of God.”

Lord Jesus, I constantly marvel at the wisdom, the sincerity, and the love that you always showed when you taught.  These people came to you with a question.  They were duplicitous in the questioning, but your answer hit the nail on the head.  You didn’t not whack them for their duplicity, but gently and correctly taught them.  As a teacher of your word and a Christian in this world, I find it hard and difficult to handle your Word without partiality and with truth.  At times I find it easy to wield the Word like it’s a club.  It times I find it easy to use the Word like a warm blanket.  But I realize that this might not always be the right use at the right time.  I am kinder to some and harder on others.  But Lord Jesus, I am learning from you.  When you taught, you didn’t care if they were an enemy or a friend, you loved them all.  You cared about each soul and you gave each soul what it needed from the word.  And so you taught without partiality and in truth.  Give me, I pray, such a love for souls and for your Word so that I handle both with care.  Make me one who handles your Word fairly, without partiality, and with deep, deep love – love for you and love for my neighbor.  Keep me from using your Word in appropriately.  Help me to handle your Word of truth, correctly dividing law and gospel.  Your Word is to be handled with care.  People are to be handle with care and concern.  You did this well.  Help me to follow your lead in this, dear Jesus.  Amen.