God of the living.

Luke 20:27-47, Deuteronomy 23-25

Luke 20:38 – Now he is not God of the dead, but of the living, for all live to him.

Lord Jesus, thank you for my family.  Thank for you for giving me a spouse and my children.  Thank you for giving me my parents, my siblings, and their families too.  Family is such a great, great gift from you.  Thank you for the dear relationships that we share and enjoy, each one of us a blessing to the other.  They are a blessing to me; I am a blessing to them.  The question of the Sadducees leads me to think about eternity and my family.  I love them dearly and I want them to enjoy eternity with you.  The Sadducees had a problem; they doubt the power of God and promises of his Word about the resurrection.  My problem is much subtler.  I find myself caring more about the earthly life of my family than the eternal one.   I find myself focused on the here and now rather than on the there and then.  Your Word promises the resurrection of the dead and your power, O God, guarantees it. I pray, dear Father, make the faith of my family and their spiritual good my highest priority today and every day.  Keep me from getting wrapped up in earthly pursuits both for me and for them.  Help me to teach them the faith as we study and grow in your Word.  Help me to show them the faith in the way that lead them, shepherd them, and live out the faith.  Keep me from hypocrisy which my family sees more than anyone else.  I want them, O God, to be in heaven with you forever.  Use me as you will to make that happen.  Do whatever it takes so that we will enjoy an eternity with you.  Amen.