Willing Volunteer

Acts 7:1-56, Judges 4-5

Judges 5:9 – My heart is with Israel’s princes, with the willing volunteers among the people.  Praise the Lord!

Lord, my life is so full with so many good things.  My life is full of family and the things in which they are involved. My life is full of church and all the things going on at church.  My life is full of the people at my church, all whom I love and care for.  My life is full of so many other things that you let me enjoy.  I’m so thankful for all of these things, but sometimes, dear Lord, when someone asks me to do one more thing I just sigh. I feel like I’m being voluntold.  I’m being asked, but I feel such a pressure to help out, such a pressure to get involved.  Sometimes, Lord, I don’t want to what’s being asked of me.  Sometimes, Lord, I probably shouldn’t do it for the sake of the many other good things you would have me do. Sometimes, Lord, I really do need to do it even though I don’t really want to.  Lord God, forgive me for my attitude and my sighing.  Forgive me for my attitude toward the good things that I might do.  Forgive me and then give me a wise mind to discern which of the many things I should set my mind and my effort toward.  I know that I can’t do them all.  Give me a wise mind to make good decisions in service of you and of others.  And give me a willing spirit to take on those tasks with joy and gladness.  Willingly volunteers are a wonderful thing.  Make me one of them. Amen.