The LORD will...

Acts 1, Joshua 10-12

Joshua 10:25 – Do not be afraid or dismayed; be strong and courageous.  For thus the LORD will do to all your enemies against whom you fight.

Almighty God, it must have been astounding to be with you and to be in the Israelite army.  To the see the sun stand still for what was nearly an extra day of daylight.  To see hailstones come down out of the sky to give a victory to your people.  To fight against five nations and five kings at once and to come out with my feet on their neck.  What an encouraging time to be in your army!  And yet these same people who saw these great victories and great acts of the Lord, these same people who stepped on the necks of their enemies were afraid of the enemies that they still would face.  I relate.  I look to the future and predict in my own mind what is going to take place.  I look into the future and imagine – accurately I think to myself – whether I will win or lose, whether I will be successful or a failure.  Joshua was such a strong leader for the people in this moment.  He gave them three words: The LORD will… He told them what the LORD was certainly and surely going to do to the nations against whom they would fight.  The LORD will do this to all your enemies.  Those three words are still powerful words for me.  I do not know, O Lord, what you will do exactly. I don’t know how every detail of my today and tomorrow are going to play out.  But Lord, I do know your promises.  I do know your power.  I do know your love.  I know that whatever you will do is going to be good for my soul.  I do know that whatever you will do is controlled by your power.  I do know that whatever you will do exactly is done in love for me and for all your people.  Lord, keep these three words – the LORD will – in my heart and soul today and so vanquish fear from me.  Amen.