He's judged; the deed is done.

Luke 10:1-24; Numbers 21-22

Luke 10:18 – I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

Lord Jesus, this is such an amazing sentence.  It calls to mind so many things.  The disciples had just come back from a mission trip and were bubbling over and up because of what they saw happen because of your work.  And you affirmed them in their joy with these words.  By their preaching and teaching Satan had been defeated and thrown down from his seat of accusation.  Oh, Lord Jesus, such power words of grace have!  The words I hear from your word and the words I share from your word have the power to fell this old enemy.  One little word can fell him!  But more than this, Jesus, I find great joy to see you throw him down from his perch as the accuser by your blood.  That old Devil can accuse me no more because of your blood.  You, Lord Jesus, have thrown him down from his perch and have granted me eternal victory over him.  Oh, Lord Jesus, on this day when darkness reigns and I see you on the cross, dying for me and for the world, help me see what you are truly doing.  You are throwing the devil down out of heaven with power and great might.  He cannot stand against you.  You have crushed his head and dealt him the death blow.  Grant me such a confidence that remembers this truth when he comes to accuse me.  Your blood has released me from his condemnation and accusation.  And, instead, my name is written in heaven by your blood.  Oh, Lord Jesus, today may seem dark and black because we remember what happened to you, but by this dark day heaven is open and Satan is defeated.  What a good Friday this is!  Amen.