Romans 16, Exodus 15-16

Exodus 15:21 – And Miriam sang to them: Sing to the LORD, for he has triumphed gloriously, the horse and his rider he has thrown into the sea.

Lord God you are mighty and powerful.  You are strong and glorious. You always do wonderful and marvelous things.  There is always something for me to sing about in my life.  And yet, too often, I find myself grumbling like the Israelites.  The water doesn’t taste right.  The food is mediocre at best.  I complain sometimes about the most miniscule things! Lead me to sing like Miriam and to hear her call to “Sing!”  If I take just a moment of my time, O Lord, I can begin to make a list of all the things for which I am thankful.  If I just ponder your goodness, I can see how gracious you have truly been to me.  You have given me life and limb. You have given me house and car.  You have given me family and friends. You have given me food, good food, delicious food, so that I can even pick and choose which food I want to eat for breakfast today.  And that’s just the stuff of this earth.  Lord God, you have been at work in my life since before I was born.  You were at work to bring me to faith. You have been at work to keep me in the faith.  You continue to love me even though I am not very loving or loveable.  You continue to love me even though I often care more about myself than I do about other people.  Yet, you Lord love me constantly and faithfully.  You love me fully and completely. You turn your face toward me in blesseing.  Thank you!  Lead me to sing! You have triumphed over all my enemies and the victory is won!  I have much to sing about it.  Therefore, I will praise you.  Amen.