He is pleased with me!


Proverbs 31, Psalm 148-150

Psalm 149:4 - For the LORD takes pleasure in his people; he adorns the humble with salvation.

God, this is amazing.  The grace that you show me. The love that you lavish on me. It is all too wonderful.  That you would call me your child and bring me into your family.  That you would exalt me over all my enemies and give me glory and honor.  That you call me to be a husband to such a wife!  That you would call me to be a dad to such kids!  God you have show such grace and pleasure to us, to me. You have done so marvelously with me that I can hardly handle it as I look back at my life to this point.  God, my whole being praises you.  Every bone in my body sings your praises.  My heart weeps with joy at all your goodness to me.  Amen.