Proverbs 25, Psalm 119:121-160

Psalm 119:143 – Trouble and anguish have found me out, but your commandments give me delight.

Lord God, as I live out my life trouble and anguish are never far away. I can never get far from trouble and anguish in my life.  It is always right there, right around the corner.  Lord, help me to endure these troubles patiently and joyfully.  And more than, Lord God, give me joy to hear your Word, give me delight in following your commandments.  When trouble and hardship would steal my joy and break my spirit, restore my spirit in me and grant me joy in my salvation.  Help me to delight in the good words that flow from your pen.  As I draw near to your house to worship tomorrow, help me to delight in your Word as the banquet from you that it really is.  Amen.