Last Not First

Mark 9.jpg

Mark 9:14-50, Jeremiah 48-49

Mark 9:35 – And he sat down and called the Twelve.  And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.”

Lord Jesus, I find myself walking with the disciples and debating about who is really great in your sight.  The whole time I want the answer to be me.  I think so often about greatness in terms of a position, power, prominence, importance, even success and accolades. And that’s why these words are so important for me to understand.  My greatness comes from your grace that elevates me to be your son.  My greatness comes from your grace that justifies me.  Grace calls me to my vocation. Grace calls me to a place in life where I can serve other people and be of benefit to them. Teach me, Savior, Jesus, to rejoice in my calling and to serve people from that calling.  It is a great thing for me to be redeemed by you, to be called by you, to be kept by you. Help me to find joy in serving other people.  Amen.