A Sight for Sore Eyes


Mark 8:22-38, Mark 9:1-13, Jeremiah 45-47

Mark 9:2 – After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James, and John, and led them up a high mountain by themselves.  And he was transfigured before him.

Lord Jesus, this is a sight for my eyes that I wish I could have seen.  There is so much evil and hate in the world. Terrorist attacks.  Racial tensions.  There is so much hardship and hurt in the world, even in my own life. It’s easy to forget that you’re in charge and that you’re ruling all things for my good. But here it is for your disciples to see.  And though I wasn’t there with them to witness this divine glory of yours, you made sure that I would see it by placing it on the pages of Scripture for me to witness through their testimony.  This really is a site for my sore eyes.  I see you fully glorified, brighter than the light of the sun.  I hear God, our Father, declare his pleasure with you and all your work.  I see Moses and Elijah encouraging you one last time before you take your final steps toward Jerusalem and toward winning our salvation.  Lord God, let this sight of your glory go with me as I walk out into this world.  Help me to remember your glory, your power, your might and most of all your love.  It was your love that led you to walk down from this mountain and up to another mountain, Calvary.  Let this sight of your glory go with me as I come down from this sight.  Let it comfort and assure me.  Let it inspire and compel me.  Amen.