Thursday, May 23rd


“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”  James 2:26

O Holy Spirit, Give me a living and active faith.  You are the One who gave me new birth into a living hope.  You are the one who raised me to spiritual life and adopted me into God’s family.  Continue to stir in me, O Holy Spirit, and give me a living and active faith.  Work in me a daily sorrow and repentance for my sins.  Stir prayers to my loving Father in heaven every day, yes, every moment.  You have made me a temple where you dwell.  Work in every part of my body to live and move and offer up to your sacrifices of a living faith.  Work in my mouth to speak about things that are pleasing in your sight.  Work in my eyes to see things that are good and right.  Work in my hands to move and do things that would serve my neighbor.  Work in my feet to go places where the gospel might be preached and where I might serve the people around me.  I am, Oh God, your mouth, your hands, your feet.  Work a living and active faith in me so that people might know you.  Amen.

We’re not doing faith to get noticed, but faith is always noticed.