Sunday, May 12th


“This is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and the one you have sent-Jesus Christ.” John 17:3

Dear Lord Jesus, You had one thing on your heart and mind when you came to earth.You wanted us to know God, our Father.You wanted us to know you, the one sent by the Father to save the world.You wanted us to know you and your Father that we might live with you forever in all glory.Dearest Jesus, continue to reveal yourself to me in your Word that I might know you better.Continue to make my Father known to me that I might grow closer to him.Holy Spirit, keep teaching me that my eyes might be enlightened to see and know how long and wide and deep and high your love for me is, to know your power that passes all understanding, and to know your presence in any and every circumstance of life.Dearest Jesus, continue to work in me to know you and to make you known.Just as it was your mission to make your Father known, so let this be my main endeavor to make sure that people know who you are that by hearing they may believe.Work this in me, O Spirit, and keep me in this faith until my dying breath.Amen.